– Scott Tyler

I have three canopy trees that I have pruned every year and have had some pretty bad tree trimmers over the years.

 After learning more about proper tree trimming I decided to hire a certified arborist. 

I went to Angie's List and after contacting several companies I decided to hire this company. 

The owner Way Hoyt, a certified arborist, promptly scheduled an appointment for an estimate and met with us to discuss our needs. 

He explained the importance of proper tree trimming and showed us some of the things that needed to be done with our trees to improve their structure. 

He answered our questions and addressed our concerns about past pruning mistakes. 

He is so knowledgeable and professional and his price was reasonable so we hired him on the spot. 

We made an appointment for a trimming a few weeks later when I could be home. 

Three men arrived on that day, one of them was also a certified arborist, which was important to me. 

I spoke with the foreman about what I thought should be done with the trees and he gave me his input also. 

He was very patient in answering my questions as I am very interested in learning about how to best manage these trees. 

Overall the trimming went great! 

My trees have never looked better. 

I realize it will take several more trimmings to get my trees back in shape but I feel good that they were finally trimmed correctly. 

The workers were very polite professional and cleaned up before they left.  This is by far the most professional tree trimming company I have dealt with.  All my phone calls were returned promptly and I was kept informed what time of day the trimmers would arrive. 

I have called other companies that don't even return calls or don't show up when they say they will (typical south Florida?) 

I would highly recommend this company and plan to use them every year. 

 I am so glad I found them on Angie's List. 

01/12/2016 – PAUL GELLERS

Way Hoyt is a certified arborist with an excellent reputation.  

There is a reason why he and his company are the "go to" people for tree removal.   They know what to do and how to do it without fanfare and without doing damage to existing landscaping.  

They take pride and great care.  

As scheduled, the company sent a crew of four or five men out to remove the large tree in our front yard which had been planted too close to the house by the original owners.  

The crew came prepared with all necessary equipment including a huge bucket truck and proceeded to work after closely studying the best and safest way to perform the job.

The tree extended over our neighbor's house as well as our own roof and garden. The significant roots were totally caught up with the utility lines as well.  

We were very concerned that leaving a clean surface for going forward might therefore also be a problem.

 I shouldn't have worried.    

Effort was made to remove huge branches without damaging our greenery or our neighbor's.  

The crew watered down our garden afterwards to clean things up and swept away all debris.  

As an interesting aside, in the course of removing the tree, it was discovered that the tree had a tumor.  

Workmen set that branch aside to bring in for study.

 We didn't even know a tree could have a tumor but hope that something beneficial might come out of this project. 
The original job was for the tree alone but I asked the foreman if they could also clean up our mango tree which Mr. Hoyt had said would need attention when it was not bearing fruit. Again, care and clean up resulted in a good outcome.  The tree looks great.   
Many people stop by with business cards saying they can perform tree services but homeowner beware.

 Many are not trained arborists and you can run into all sorts of problems with people who don't know what they are doing. 

C. Glassy

Did an excellent professional job. Highly recommend their services if you want the job done right. They accomplished a lot very quickly.

​June 2016

Jill Holt

Way Hoyt and his team were great!  When I called Tree Trimmers, my call was answered immediately and the front office scheduled Mr. Hoyt to come out the same week for an estimate.  My husband and I felt the price was fair for the amount of work needed to be done and agreed to have Way Hoyt's company do the work and he scheduled the work promptly.  Mr. Hoyt explained the work to be done and was clearly very knowledgeable about the trees and the proper manner of pruning for the health of the trees.  He was open to any questions my husband and I had and advised us accordingly.  His crew arrived on time and were polite, pleasant, efficient and great about clean up of all debris.  The entire experience was great and Mr. Hoyt called me later that same afternoon to ask if I was pleased with the work.  I have absolutely no complaints and will definitely use Mr. Hoyt and his company again.

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